The longevity of a roof restoration Melbourne relies on various factors.

Normally, a high-quality roof restoration can last from 10 to 15 years. And after that duration, the coating should be still on except for the ridge capping that needs to be re-pointing. The rood paint ill fade and the smooth finish will wear away because of changing environment and UV rays over time. Your tiles are protected as long as the coating is still on them. Once the glaze is gone, the underneath coating oxidizes & become chalky. It’s important to remove this oxidized coating along with dirt and grit that has been on the surface for months.

roof restoration Melbourne

Once the ridge capping is changed, it will last for the next 10 years. After that time, the mortar will begin to break down leading to cracks. This can result in roof leaking and other issues. You will need your ridge capping re-bedding if you put off re-pointing, which is much more expensive than re-pointing. Whenever the ridge capping re-bedded, the old mortar gets removed and the ridge caps are reset as new as ever.

What Defines the Life of Roof Restoration?

Product Application:

The right product application is essential for making your roof restoration long-lasting. There are numerous elements to applying the product properly. The angle of the gun, tip size, and amount of product applied are all considerable factors that verify how long your roof restoration will last. The manufactures warranty will be void automatically if the product has not been applied correctly.

Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning plays a crucial role in long-lasting roof restoration in Melbourne. When cleaning your roof, ensure that all dirt and peeling paint are removed. If anything lefts behind on the tile surface, it will hinder the roof membrane adhesion, leading in the paint peeling or lifting.

A top-line water blaster that can pump out up to 4000psi (pounds per square inch) along with two cleaning tools to clean the roof is ideal in every way. A Whirlaway to clean over the tiles is also a useful tool. If the roof paint is already peeling, a turbo head must be used to go over the roof inch-by-inch and remove the shedding paint. The noses of the tiles must be cleaned carefully a turbo head. If not done properly, your ceiling can be flooded in no time. So, the correct motion at the proper speed must be moved to guarantee a dry ceiling and a good cleaning.

roof restoration Melbourne

Quality Product

No matter how accurately you or the experts are cleaning the roof, nothing good can happen if the products are of poor quality. Poor quality products can lead to paint fades, lifts, and peels quickly than their actual life. Also, the ridge capping breaks down in a short time. These are a few issues to name when a cheap quality product is used. Poor quality products might save your money but will decrease the life span of your roof restoration and you might need to restore it over and over again. Therefore, it’s worth spending once than regularly.

In a Nutshell

Roof repairs Melbourne is the basic household chore that has a massive effect on the overall look of your property.

Your roof restoration can last up to 10 to 15 years or more if the good quality products are used. Plus, it’s crucial to clean every inch of the roof to last your restoration for years.   


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