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Having the guests at home could be intimidating sometimes when you have a guest room that is not appealing and lively. Guestrooms are not as frequently used as other rooms in the house. This is the reason homeowners do not give adequate time and effort in guest room paint color selection and decor. Do you think that guests would feel comfortable in a room you didn’t put any effort into? This is why it is important that you this time you let the Painters Melbourne paint the guest room with soothing and amazing colours.

Don’t let the nightmares of having guests at home haunt you. Take the help of Painters Melbourne to paint the guest room in these fabulous colours.

●      You cannot go wrong with bright white

It is a colour that blends in well and creates a bright yet soothing effect in the guest room. It is one of the universally accepted colours. White has many shades to choose from. One of the most interesting bonuses of painting the guest room white is its luminosity, which makes the room feel more spacious. As the guest rooms are not that often used, homeowners do not keep the room much spacious as they want to utilize the space for other purposes.

Painters Melbourne


●      Good as Green

As a part of the latest trend of incorporating nature in various elements of the house, people are choosing a green colour for the wall paint. If you want your guest to have the soothing feeling that one has when being amid nature, then do consider painting the guest room with shades of green.

●      Paint it all blue

When taking a stroll along the beach, looking at the blue water of the sea, one does feel calm. If you’re looking for a colour with the same properties as shades of blue is the answer. Make the guest have a unique guest room experience in a blue painted room. Why wouldn’t the guest feel comfortable when the room they are staying in is bright yet calming?

●      Neutral colours are the new trend

Do you want to make the guest room stand out yet effortlessly good? Neutral beige colours are the new trends. They are effortless, yet aesthetic. They are easy to blend in and colour go with any type of flooring and furniture. It could save you from guest room dissatisfaction.

●      Choose something bold like orange

Going bold with the colour of the guest room could turn out great. Colours like mustard orange, orange or yellow will make the room bright and lively. Apart from being comfortable, you want your guest to feel bored. These colours could increase their interest and let them not feel bored.


Having guest is always good. Spending time together, planing movie nights, going on picnics, chatting about memories late at night, and more. Have these happening moments by instilling the feeling of coming to visit you again. This is possible only when they enjoy their stay at your home. So before you receive your next guest, make sure you get those boring and outdated wall painted by Painters Melbourne.