Grass fertiliser is not new work for people who own beautiful lawns in their homes. Fertilizers do not have a good workaround as they have been the reason for soil quality deterioration. These are capable of making the soil no more suitable for growing anything. We are all familiar with these sentences about fertilizer. Over the years research has been done to find a good substitute for these chemical fertilizers.

Lately, the word organic has captured the attention of everyone. People seem to have been looking out for organic products, food, and fruits. Why not fertilizer? These are easily accessible to you can get one from a store that provides garden supplies Melbourne.

What is organic fertilizer?

Organic fertilizers are the ones that are naturally procedures. It can have the presence of carbon in it. Sources of these fertilizers are anything that is naturally available, animal water, manure, slurry, compost, biosolid, ash, cover crops, fish meal, sawdust and more. It also consists of minerals that are mined like fossil guano, greensand, limestone.

How are these different from the chemical fertilizer?

Chemical fertilizers or synthetic fertilizers are the ones that just focus on providing micronutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to the soil and therefore to the plant. They are added to the soil with one of the major objectives of increasing crop yield and thereby make more profits out of it. It is not like these fertilizers are so bad that you add them to the soil and the soil is affected permanently. No. these fertilizers when added to land with a low nutrition profile make the soil more effective for getting a good yield.

As far as synthetic fertilizers are considered there is always an inevitable risk of over-fertilizing the soil. Here is where all the damage is done to the soil. People tend to get excited seeing the yield these fertilizers are capable of giving and end up using these fertilizers more and more. Overuse of these fertilizers increases the acidity of the soil which is damaging for seed germination and plant growth. Gradually, the yield that the farmer was so happy seeing would turn up into a curse.

On the other hand are these organic fertilizers which are here to be a boon for soil forever. These fertilizers are environment friendly. They provide the soil with all the nutrients and moisture through all-natural ingredients that would not harm the soil. There is no possibility of overuse in the case of organic fertilizer. They keep the soil well aired, enhances the overall nutrient profile of the soil, and with regular use, it makes the soil healthier. They have a much longer-lasting effect on the soil, unlike synthetic fertilizers. They also enhance the presence of microbes that are very important for the growth of the plant and the health of the soil.


If you don’t want your lawn to look lifeless in the upcoming years then it is better to go to the garden supplies Melbourne store and get the organic fertilizer as soon as possible. It would not just make the soil healthier but the lawn would look lustrous, healthy and shiny. Just like the one that you want to love to walk barefoot on every morning.