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Only a few businessmen believe in a fair game. There exist a few marketers that prefer illegal methods, called black-hat SEO tricks, to amp up their online ranking. Any SEO Canberra company that chooses such a shorter & temporary way to manipulate Google’s ranking algorithm, could be labelled as penalised or blocked by Google, legally.

If you want that such things don’t hamper your website’s progress, it is suggested to hire experienced digital marketing in Canberra that sticks to white-hat SEO or a legal method.

Would you like to know more about the Google penalty? Here’s everything.

What is it and when can Google issue any penalty?

Receiving backlinks from a credible website is a goal for any online marketer or an online business owner. They also keep on checking the conversion rate as it should be high. This means that everything depends upon Google’s decision on which website should be on the top of the search engine result page. To evaluate the test, Google has some sort of smart algorithm that checks a few parameters.

To gain the top-most position on Google and to be on the top-list of visitors, practitioners prefer some methods to manipulate Google’s search algorithm.

If they get caught by Google, they will have to victimize the penalty issued by Google or any other search engine.

Google penalty is a manual action that Google takes if any website violates Google’s webmaster guidelines for the sake of ranking.

Here is a list of Google penalties and a short description of each of them.

Google Penalty What is it?
Thin content It is important to make sure that the website content is unique, informative, and has a good quality. If Google finds lots of poor quality content such as scraped content, auto-generated content, or aimless content, it’s considered as thin content, for which Google can penalise the website.  
Cloaking If your website double-crosses the search engine by sharing different content on the search engine’s crawler and to visitors, then they can receive a penalty. Therefore, it is suggested to showcase the same content to users and search engines.  
User-generated spam This penalty is because of a few visitors who try to spam the website through content or links. If your website accepts user-generated content, it is awful for your online business.
Structured data issue If your website has a mismatch in the content and the structured mark-up that is used in the content. In case your website breaches any rule of Google’s structured data guidelines, you may receive Google’s penalty.
Spammy hosting service If your website’s hosting provider gets spammed through the website creation which violates Google’s webmaster guidelines. If you are using a free hosting service, this may be a common issue to receive a penalty from Google.
Unnatural links to your website If marketers create manipulative links which are formed as an unnatural link to outrank competitors, it is considered as breaching the Google webmaster rule and the website becomes eligible for penalty.  
Unnatural links from your website If your website has an unnatural outbound link on it. This penalty is the same as the above scenario but the only difference is that this is for outgoing links rather than your website. Make sure to avoid link exchange, buy or sell links, and linking to any irrelevant domains.


Bottom line,

If you want your website to not get affected by Google’s penalty, hire a good SEO Canberra practitioner that can help you with your website’s SEO by considering the webmaster’s guidelines.