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SEO is a complicated field. There are hundreds—if not thousands—of factors that can affect how high your website ranks on search engines like Google. Even if you’re an SEO expert or one of the best SEO companies Auckland, there’s a lot to remember about what each factor means, how it works, and how much weight it carries in rankings. To make things easier for yourself, we’ve identified five of the most important SEO ranking factors that you need to know:

A Secure and Accessible Website

The second most important ranking factor is a secure and accessible website. This means that you should use https:// instead of http://, which helps speed up your site’s load time. 

It also means that if someone wants to contact you about something on your site, they should be able to do so easily by filling out an email form or clicking on an email address in the footer of every page. 

It’s important not just because it helps with search engine optimization but also because these activities will help attract new customers who might otherwise never have found out about your business!

Page Speed (Including Mobile Page Speed)

While it’s not as important as it used to be, page speed is still a ranking factor. Google has said that they use page speed as a way of measuring the quality of your site and whether or not it’s optimised for mobile users. 

In fact, they have even gone so far as to say that if you want your site to rank well in search results, then you need to make sure that pages load quickly on both desktop computers and mobile phones (this includes responsive websites).


Domain Age, URL, and Authority

Domain age is an important ranking factor. The older the domain, the more likely that it will be indexed by Google and ranked higher than newer sites. This happens because older domains tend to have more authority and trust in the eyes of search engines than newer ones do.

Domain Authority (DA) is a measure of how well-known or linked to a particular website is relative to other websites on the Internet. It’s calculated using MozRank (a combination of MozTrust and MozAuthority), Domain Age, Links from other sites pointing at yours, etc., but basically DA tells you if people are talking about your site online–and if they’re talking about it favorably!

Optimized Content

Optimized content is the most important part of SEO, and it’s what you should focus on first.

The reason for this is simple: if your website doesn’t have any optimized content, no one will find it. And if people can’t find your website, then there’s no point in having an online presence at all! So if you want to rank well in search engines like Google and Bing (which almost everyone does), then optimising your site’s pages for search engines is essential.

So, if you’re a freelancer or one of the best SEO Companies Auckland experts make sure that each page has relevant keywords throughout its title tag and meta description–and even within the actual body text itself where appropriate–in order to make sure those pages show up when someone searches for those terms on Google or Bing. You should also include images wherever possible because they help increase engagement rates by around 80%.


Links are still the most important ranking factor, and link building is still an important SEO strategy. Quality links are better than quantity, so you should focus on getting quality backlinks from authoritative sites in your industry.

Links that come from sites related to yours can be more valuable than links from unrelated ones (e.g., a link from a blog about dogs would be more valuable than one from a blog about cars).

However, this doesn’t mean you should ignore getting links from unrelated sites. If you want to build a strong link profile and grow your rankings over time, it’s important to get as many high-quality backlinks as possible.


We hope that this article has helped you understand the importance of SEO ranking factors and how they affect your website. It’s important to remember that the search engines are constantly changing their algorithms in order to provide users with the most relevant results, so make sure that you stay up-to-date on any new developments or changes in their guidelines.