Led Oyster Ceiling Lights

Oyster lightings are trending like nothing else. That is because they are capable of saving a lot on your electricity consumption. You would want to rely on your oyster lights for years and that’s why it becomes important to pay attention to a few factors while making your purchase.

Let’s take a look at a few tips to buy the best-led oyster lights for your home, office, restaurant, etc.      

Useful Tips for a Suitable LED


When purchasing an oyster light, one should focus on how much light is required. The lumens output defines how bright the oyster is going to be. For small areas (3×3m) such as bedroom, it’s suggested to buy oyster with 1500 lumen 15w to 20w. For bigger areas such as living room, buy oyster with minimum 2500 lumen to maximum 3000 lumen30w to 40w.   


Always select an LED because they can last up to 10 times longer than any other oyster. Plus, they are low maintenance, save a lot on your utility bills by around 80% and are completely environmentally friendly.


Of course, you wouldn’t want to compromise with the quality of your oyster light; therefore, it’s better to go with famous and reliable brands. Nowadays, LED oysters are integrated LED, which implies that they are non-replaceable with a globe. Hence, once they die you will require restoring the entire fitting.  You might not find the same oyster that can take the place of your old oyster, so, avoid this headache buy the high-quality oyster lighting brand, which is famous and easily available in the market.


Dimmable oysters are the most recommended with extra brightness. The dimmer will not just works perfectly on nearly every ceiling LED oyster light but will also look amazing with the slimline appearance and small blue light.

It can even act as an off and on the switch. Just pick your favourite brand and use it the way you want. 

Colour Temperature

Everybody wants their oyster lights to match with interior. Therefore, choosing the right colour is a must. Don’t choose the bright colour for the room which is open and has places to enter the natural light. Also, never choose the dull light for a small and darkroom. To give a more natural look to your room, choose the light colours depending on the space and how much the outside light is entering the room.    

  • The warm-white similar to the fire is produced by the lower temperature bulbs. While neutral-whites is produced by medium temperature bulbs and cool-white or mimic light is produced by the higher temperature oysters.
  • It’s a misconception that the brighter bulbs will consume more electricity than the dim ones. Watts measure the energy usage and lumens measure the brightness. See the difference?

Wrapping Up

You must consider the above tips so that the led flood lights match your interior and give an elegant look to your home. Moreover, you can pick the type of oyster depending on your requirements such as electricity consumption, colour, etc.


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