If you’re looking for bamboo pajamas that will keep you comfortable and cozy all night, look no further than bamboo pajamas . As the coziest material in the world, bamboo gets softer and more comfortable every time you wash it, so you can use your favorite pair of bamboo pajamas every night without ever worrying about them getting old or uncomfortable.

It carries only the softest and most comfortable women’s pajamas made from 100 percent rayon made from bamboo fibers, so you know they’ll feel great all night long.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Cotton vs. Bamboo?

As we’ve talked about many times before, bamboo clothing is more sustainable than other fabrics because it’s made from a renewable resource—bamboo. But that’s not all bamboo has going for it. For one thing, its natural fibers are also antibacterial and hypoallergenic. 

As a result, bamboo clothing is great for sensitive skin and those with allergies—it won’t make you itch like cotton or trigger your eczema. It’s also breathable and wicks moisture away from your body to keep you cool in warm weather. And unlike polyester or nylon, bamboo doesn’t give off any synthetic odors after repeated wearings (or washes).

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What Type of Material Are Our Pajamas Made Of?

100% ultra-soft bamboo rayon. Unlike other pajama fabrics, our bamboo fabric is made of three natural fibers—bamboo viscose (organic), cotton (organic), and silk—all blended together to create a luxurious texture that feels as soft as cashmere against your skin.

It’s also hypoallergenic, which means it won’t irritate even those with sensitive skin. Plus, it wicks moisture away from your body to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. We’re so confident in its quality that we offer free returns if you’re not completely satisfied.

What Size Do I Choose?

If you’re not sure what size to order, it’s best to go with a bigger size than you think you need. This way there is less of a chance that your pajamas will be too small when they arrive. If they do end up being too big, however, it’s easy to take them in or have them let out by a tailor without ruining their shape. 

Some people even report sweating at night because their body heat gets trapped between layers of clothing instead of venting through to cool air outside. If you find yourself getting overheated at night in other types of sleepwear, consider switching to bamboo pajamas for a breathable alternative.


If you’re in need of women’s loungewear but don’t want to sacrifice quality and comfort for price, our women’s bamboo pajamas are just for you! For an even softer touch that will envelop your skin in a gentle embrace, check out our 100% bamboo sheets. 

With a wide variety of colors, styles and sizes available, we have everything you need to keep cozy at home or on vacation.