Smash Repairs

Bumpers are an important part of your car. They protect the body from damage, prevent pedestrians and cyclists from being injured, and help to prevent dents on your car. While bumpers do take a lot of abuse, they’re also designed to be sturdy enough to handle at least some minor collisions. But if you’re looking for ways to keep your car running smoothly or just want to save money by doing it yourself (and we don’t blame you), then getting the repairing of minor bumper damage done by Smash Repairs Melbourne is an excellent idea.

Smash Repairs Melbourne

  • Cosmetic Damage

Cosmetic damage is the damage that your car sustains when it runs into a wall or another car, but it’s not structural. Cosmetic damage can be repaired, and it’s usually less expensive to repair than structural damage (the type of damage that leads to rusting, dropping doors and other major issues). Cosmetic repairs are done by Panel Beaters Melbourne also take less time than structural repairs, so you can get back on the road sooner.

  • Physical Damage

If you hit a pothole or curb, the force of impact can cause physical damage to your suspension. Your car will continue to operate normally after this type of impact, but over time this damage will worsen and result in noticeable problems with your vehicle’s handling. This type of damage is not necessarily easy to spot—your car may appear to be driving even while suffering from suspension damage.

  • Minor Bumper Repairs

When you’re looking at the cost of repairs by Panel Beaters Melbourne, it can be helpful to compare it to other expenses you might have in your life. One example is a car insurance premium. If you live in an area where the cost of living is high and you have many years until retirement, a small dent or two on your bumper may not be worth repairing but could cause your insurance company to increase their rates. Now, let’s say that instead of a few dings on the bumper of your car, there are several large dents in all four corners.

Smash Repairs Melbourne

  • Preventative Maintenance

It’s important to keep your car in good condition, with regular oil changes and brake checks. By regularly checking and maintaining the health of your car, you can prevent many issues from happening at all. Regular maintenance doesn’t have to cost much; a few bucks every month or so can help keep your vehicle running smoothly. It also means that when something does go wrong, you can afford to fix it quickly and easily.

You don’t have to pay a mechanic every time something goes wrong with your car—you can do minor repairs yourself by buying some tools (like wrenches) and learning how they work. You’ll save money this way as well as provide yourself with experience working on cars!


We hope that this guide has helped you understand the importance of minor bumper repairs by Smash Repairs Melbourne and how they can be a part of your vehicle’s preventative maintenance. Minor bumper damage is something that many car owners don’t think about until it happens, but we want to make sure you have all the facts before making any decisions.