arborist Melbourne

You probably already know how to properly care for trees if you have them on your property, whether it be a residence or a place of business. You make sure your tree receives all of the food, water, sunlight, and other things it needs each day.

But because trees are complex organisms, they are prone to a wide range of problems that differ depending on the species and climate; eventually, they will need a specialist’s help to stay healthy.

To put it more simply, an arborist Melbourne is a tree surgeon. They are certified experts with specialised training capable of working in all areas of tree maintenance.

Arborists are responsible for maintaining the health of the trees on your property as well as helping to protect the people who live and work there.

Duties And Responsibilities of an arborist

The primary duty of an Arborist Melbourne is to make sure the trees continue to be in good condition. They frequently work in cities and are in charge of maintaining the trees planted in various places.

If you currently have healthy, well-maintained trees on your property, you can hire an arborist to take additional care of your trees and the nearby landscape.

Huge tree removal is risky, especially when the tree is sick or dead. On the other hand, if you employ a qualified arborist, he will take care of these trees and ensure that they do not contract any diseases. 

Additionally, these trees have the capacity to spread the disease to other plants and trees.

The job descriptions we looked at indicated that the majority of arborists have the same primary duties, including the following:

Trim And Prune Trees

One of the most crucial duties of an arborist is trimming and pruning trees, shrubs, and other kinds of woody plants.

Arborists frequently have to use ropes, harnesses, and ladders as part of their employment to reach a tree’s upper limbs. Once there, they use both hand and power tools to cut down branches.

arborist Melbourne

Apply Pesticides

To avoid infestations and other pest-related issues, arborists are also in charge of spraying insecticides on trees and bushes. Arborists are accountable for ensuring that the pesticide they use won’t have any adverse effects on the area where they work.

Remove And Plant Trees

Arborists are often also necessary to remove trees that pose hazards. To prevent the possibility of causing damage to or loss of property.

A tree that offers a risk to surrounding buildings or power lines, for instance, may need to be cut down rather than pruned.

Maintain Soil Conditions

In addition to looking after the trees, arborists are in charge of maintaining the soil’s quality.

In addition to maintaining the soil’s moisture levels through regular watering and making sure that it drains properly, this may require doing an acidity test on the soil to see whether or not it falls within a range that is ideal for the type of tree.

If an arborist needs to remove a tree, it’s possible that they’ll also need to prepare the ground for new planting or backfill the hole.

Identify And Treat Tree Diseases

Another area where arborists apply their understanding of tree architecture and biology is the detection and treatment of tree diseases.

An arborist is in charge of identifying symptoms such as blights and fungal infections in this area of the job and determining whether or not a particular tree can be saved.


An arborist Melbourne is the doctor your garden needs from time to time for a healthy and aesthetic existence.