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Which washing machine should you choose? Front-load or top-load? Standard or large capacity? Fortunately, the answer may be simpler than you think. If you want to find the best front load washer on the market, look no further than the following five reasons to choose this type of washing machine over all others…

Energy Efficiency

Over its lifetime, a front-load washer will cost less to run than an old, inefficient top loader. Energy efficiency is perhaps one of their best benefits; not only are front loaders more energy-efficient, but they’re also gentler on clothes than traditional washers. Unlike older machines, front loaders won’t shrink or stretch out your clothing—because they don’t use excessive amounts of water or heat. They’re also more convenient than washing by hand: Instead of spending hours at home carrying laundry from room to room, all you have to do is throw it in and walk away—the washer does all the work for you!

Customisable Settings

When you buy a front-load washer, you’re not just buying one washing machine—you’re buying multiple machines. Our best front load washing machine comes with over 50 wash cycles and thousands of customisations to ensure that your clothes get washed at different temperatures, depending on what you’re washing and how dirty it is. Not only do we offer customisation, but our machines come with technological advances like Wi-Fi integration to ensure that each load comes out cleaner than ever before.

best front load washing machine

Operation in Small Spaces

No matter how much you love washing laundry by hand, it doesn’t make sense when it comes to front loaders. They take up less space than traditional washers, giving you more options when it comes to where they’re located in your home. You can fit them under counters and even move them out of sight if needed.

Easy Maintenance

One of our best front load washing machine tips is to find an easy-to-clean model that allows you to quickly and effortlessly maintain your washer between uses. After all, no one wants to spend precious time scrubbing stains from their washing machine! That’s why it’s important to consider your maintenance needs before making a decision about what type of washing machine you want.


The best front load washing machines have highly durable designs that can last many years. With proper care, you should be able to use your machine for more than ten years. Compared to standard washers, front loaders last significantly longer and their efficiency helps cut down on repair costs over time.


When it comes to doing laundry, you have options. You can do it yourself in your basement or garage. You can go to a laundromat or dry cleaner. You can even outsource it and send your clothes away. But why not make laundry day as easy as possible by investing in one of today’s top technologies? The front-load washer is one of today’s best inventions—including everything from detergent and fabric softener to drying racks, clothing lines, and other accessories. When you invest in a high-quality front-load washer, you’re making laundry much easier on yourself.