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Are you experiencing an improper flush problem? Nothing is irritating when you are seating on the toilet seat and the flush doesn’t work properly. It’s one of the worst situations that make you panic and embarrassing. Especially in corporate and public places, it’s important that flush works properly to maintain proper sanitization and clean toilets. Some of the plumbing tasks can be fixed at home while using some home remedies and smart ideas, but if you think you are extending the problem rather than fixing then just leave and call the expert Plumber Newcastle.

1)               Chain or flush handle might be broken

It might happen that the flush handle goes down but doesn’t flush water. It’s the most common issue and normally occurs because the toilet handle might be disconnected to the arm and chain flapper. It can be simply fixed by raising the toilet flapper and water will be dumped into the bowl

Plumber Newcastle
Plumber with tools doing reparation in the kitchen.

2)               Water level is too low

One of the reasons for the flush problem is water level might be low so because of insufficient water in the flush tank, it can’t flush properly  Generally for smooth flushing, the water level should be one inch below the tube.

3)               Flush water keeps running due to flapper or fill valve

Sometimes, it might happen that your toilet flush works perfectly fine but water keeps running constantly. This causes problems in flushing next time because it will not allow the water tank to fill sufficient water. Common reasons are flapper seal might be bent or cracked; in this case, you might need repairing or replacement that is quite fast and inexpensive repair.

4)               Your toilet might be clogged

Most of the time there might be no problem with the flush but the problem might be there in the toilet. If you have a house with small kids then it might happen that kids drop some toys or unusual objects in the toilet bowl. If the object is small, it can be removed with the help of a toilet brush or anything but if the object is stubborn and stuck inside the bowl then you might need a professional plumber to fix the issue.

5)               You might have a drain line problem

If everything in the toilet is working fine and still you have a flush issue then the possibility is the problem is in the drain line. If your drain line is leaking or cracked then it may be the reason your toilet is not flushing. Trees and small plants tend to grow inside the drainage pipe over time because of humid and moist places.

Final note: It’s obvious that everything in the house will need service after a particular period of time whether it is plumbing or basic renovation things. Everything expires over time. Although there are numerous reasons behind flush and plumbing issues.  If the issue is minor then you can fix it with some common knowledge and DIY tricks but if you notice the problem even after fixing it by yourself then it’s better to consult Plumber Newcastle to get an effective solution to the problem with the guarantee.

Hope you enjoyed reading our blog. Do comment in the comment section about the DIY tricks that worked for your plumbing issue.