Motorbike Insurance Quote

If you have a motorbike, it’s important to make sure that it’s protected against damage in the event of an accident or theft. There are three main types of insurance that you should know about if you own or are thinking about buying one: third-party liability, personal accident and comprehensive motorbike insurance. Each type of insurance has its pros and cons, so read on to find out how each can benefit you!

The Three Motorbike Insurance Options:

1) Third-party liability insurance

This is the most basic and required type of motorbike insurance. It covers you if you injure someone or damage their property while operating your motorcycle. Even if you are found not at fault, legal fees and other damages can quickly become expensive, so this coverage is important. If you’re one of those people who would rather take a chance on being fined than pay for another service, then third-party liability may be all that you need. Third-party liability will cover any costs associated with injury or property damage that happen to someone else when you operate your bike as long as it wasn’t due to something else like excessive speed or intoxication.

Motorbike Insurance

2) Personal accident cover

If you’re involved in a motorbike accident, personal accident cover can help pay for any resulting medical expenses. This type of cover is usually offered as an add-on to a comprehensive Motorbike Insurance Quote. It’s worth noting that some insurers may offer this cover for free if the policyholder has chosen the appropriate level of comprehensive cover.

With liability coverage, the insurer will pay up to the policy limit should you be held liable for another person’s injury or damage caused by your motorcycle. Third-party property damage covers both third party and your own property when it is damaged by a third party as well as third party liability when they are injured on your bike.

3) Emergency medical expense benefit

This benefit provides coverage for the policyholder’s emergency medical expenses if they’re injured in a motorbike accident. The benefit can be used to cover things like ambulance rides, hospital stays, and surgery.  It pays regardless of who was at fault in the accident and has no limits on how much it will pay. If you get into an accident with someone driving without insurance or enough insurance to cover your damages, this coverage will provide protection for your financial losses. Underinsured motorists are similar but apply when you’re in an accident with someone who does have insurance but doesn’t have enough to cover all of your damages. Comprehensive physical damage protection: Physical damage includes damage from theft, vandalism, weather-related events, fire and hail storms.


There are three main types of motorbike insurance: third party only, third party fire and theft, and comprehensive. Third-party only covers damage you cause to other people or their property. Third-party fire and theft cover damage you cause to other people or their property, as well as damage caused by fire or theft to your own bike. Comprehensive cover is the most extensive option, covering damage caused by you, fire, theft, and other events such as weather damage. Hope you found the above information useful to understand Motorbike Insurance.