Pool Builders Mornington Peninsula

Pools have always been a place for relaxation, but in the past few years, they’ve become more of a destination for entertaining and socialising. Pool design trends have evolved to reflect this shift.

Here are some ways your Premium pool builders service Mornington Peninsula should keep these trends into your next pool remodel:

  • Find Your Space – Large One

If you have a large space, don’t be afraid of creating a pool that’s big enough for everyone. A large pool can be great for hosting parties and events, as well as providing ample space for children who might want to swim or play with friends at any given time.

However, if your backyard is on the smaller side, consider installing two separate pools: one shallow (for kids) and one deep end (for adults). This way everyone gets what they need while still keeping things fun!

  • Work with a Designer

The first step to building a pool is picking the right designer. When you work with experienced Pool Builders Mornington Peninsula, they can help you create the perfect pool for your space and lifestyle. Designers can also help you choose pool features like waterfalls, diving boards and slides that are more than just fun–they’re functional too!

The right shape matters when designing your dream backyard oasis. Whether it’s rectangular or round; square or oval; flat-bottom or deep end–there are many options available based on what kind of look and feel you’re going for.

Pool Builders Mornington Peninsula

  • Ditch the Old Design

If you’re looking to build a new pool and want to go with something different, here are some design trends that will help you stand out.

  1. Old pools are boring. They’re just rectangles with water in them–and they don’t even have water slides! Newer pools are more interesting than old ones because they have unique features like rock waterfall features and rectangular pools.
  • Don’t Be Afraid of Pool Depths

If you’re looking for a way to make your pool more versatile and fun, don’t be afraid of depths! While pools used to be designed with only one specific use in mind–swimming or wading–modern pools can be used by people of all ages.

Swimming is great exercise and helps build muscle mass, but it’s not always easy on joints if you aren’t in shape or haven’t swum since childhood.

  • Think Outside of the Box

For those who would rather not think of their pool as a room, there are plenty of ways to use it as such. The most obvious example is using materials like wood and stone in the decking around your pool. You can also add furniture such as benches, chairs and tables that will help you feel more comfortable while enjoying your time outside.


We hope that these tips have helped you to think about your pool design and ask your Pool Builders Mornington Peninsula to consider these points. Whether you’re looking for something simple and modern or something more extravagant like an infinity edge pool, there are plenty of options out there for everyone!