Podiatrist Melbourne

“We are going to be parents” – What a mixed feeling you may feel after hearing this from your partner!!! Definitely, this is the most amazing feeling that only lucky ones can feel. Pregnancy will literally change your life in different ways; you can even relate if you have already given birth to your first baby. This is for those couples who are joining the parenting club soon – why it is necessary to approach Podiatrist Melbourne during the phase of pregnancy.

The answer to this question is here in this guide.

Podiatrist Melbourne

During this time, your body passes through different types of changes, big or small. There can be many things you might have not expected such as changes to your feet.

A few issues like aches, pain, and swelling in the feet and ankles are common during the time. However, these symptoms are completely temporary and it is true that pregnancy can affect your foot structure in permanent ways. There are lots of things you can do to keep your foot discomfort as minimal as possible. Hence, you can keep on enjoying your day without any boundaries.

While you approach any podiatry clinic Melbourne, we are sharing a few things that may help you during the initial consultation.

  • A condition like Edema

Most of the pregnant women pass through an issue like swollen feet and ankles. When you are passing through this condition, your body starts retaining lots of water which ensures that your baby is able to get the oxygen and nutrition as enough as possible. The process named Edema produces some sort of unwanted side effects too. Especially, fluid tends to pool around the feet and ankles. However, there are different ways you can manage the problem and control any aching symptoms if there is any. Make sure to drink enough water as staying hydrated and an intake of pure water helps in boosting the circulatory system, which helps in flushing your body.

When you choose excess salt, it causes the body to retain more amount of water and control the condition of Edema. The consumption of too much caffeine can leave you dehydrated by impairing healthy fluid circulation. When you keep on exercising, it will keep your blood flowing.

  • Ensure to encounter foot problems

There are many women that consider foot pain just part of their territory during their pregnancy period. The situation might be easy to see why you are feeling that way. When you find that you might be dealing with some sort of discomfort or swelling, make sure your feet should not hurt. If you still find pain in your feet, it is a sign that you need to change something, either it’s time to select a new range of footwear or it depends upon how you treat your feet on a daily basis.

  • Never miss addressing flat feet

Whenever you carry extra weight, it is natural that walking gait need to fit the new physical reality. However, this is somehow part of the reasons why your gaits start changing during the pregnancy phase. During this time, your body starts releasing hormones that loosen ligaments and joints throughout the body.   

During the time of pregnancy, you would definitely need to consult Podiatrist Melbourne to ensure your wellbeing.