screw piles

It’s a fun thing to see a building go up. There are cranes, piles of concrete and steel, and workers buzzing around like busy bees. It’s not just an exciting process for us; it’s also exciting for the public to watch. So when we hear about screw piling myths that are floating around out there, it makes us want to set things straight—and sooner rather than later.

screw piles

Myth 1: Screw Piles Are A Relatively New Invention.

This is the biggest myth of all when it comes to screw piles. While it’s true that these pile systems have only recently become popular in North America, they are actually an old invention—the first patent for a hanger and beam system was filed back in 1844! This innovative design was used not only to erect the Brooklyn Bridge but also many other historic landmarks, including the Panama Canal and Eiffel Tower.

Myth 2 – Screw piles aren’t better than other types of piling

The second myth about screw piles is that they aren’t better than any other type of piling. However, this isn’t true.

  • Screw piles are more environmentally friendly than other types of piling because they allow for reduced noise and vibration, which means that you won’t disturb your neighbors or put them at risk from noise-related illnesses like tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and hyperactive (sensitivity to everyday sounds).
  • Screw piles are more durable than other types of piling as well because they don’t need to be replaced as often due to their ability to withstand soil movement, groundwater pressure changes and earthquakes. They also have greater resistance against corrosion compared with other types of pile materials such as steel or reinforced concrete.
  • Screw piles can be used in areas where there’s limited space available because they’re flexible enough to fit into tight spots without compromising on stability requirements or strength characteristics necessary for supporting loads like buildings or bridges over long periods of time without needing maintenance work done regularly during normal use conditions; unlike most other materials which require heavier equipment/tools when working around sensitive underground structures like water pipes lines tetrameter.”

Myth 3 – Screw piles are just as expensive as concrete or helical piles

Most people think that screw piles are just as expensive as concrete or helical piles, but that’s not the case. Screw pile technology is more efficient, environmentally friendly and versatile than other types of piles. And because they’re faster to install, you can save a lot of money in the long run by choosing this method for your construction project.

screw piles

Myth  4 – Screw piles aren’t environmentally friendly

Screw piles are made from recycled steel and can be 100% recycled. This makes them a green alternative to concrete, which is also a very popular piling material. Screw piles are also a green alternative to helical pilings as they’re made from recycled steel rather than virgin metal.

So, how do screw piles stack up against other piling types in terms of environmental friendliness?


We hope we’ve helped dispel some of the myths surrounding screw piles. They are an incredibly versatile and cost-effective method of deep foundation construction, and they fit well with many different types of projects. If you have any further questions about them or would like to get in touch with one of our experts, please contact us today!