Water leak detection Melbourne

A burst pipe can be a disgusting experience as it can cause a flood in the house. There can be a variety of causes why leaking and burst pipe issues occur. It’s the human tendency to ignore the issue until it turns problematic and causes an interruption in routine work. Minor leakages and other plumbing issues can turn into tragedy anytime especially if your plumbing and construction are poor. It’s important to have proper drainage and proper water flow to prevent burst pipes and leakage issues. Water pressure is the main cause of leaking and pipe bursting.  It’s quite obvious that if the water pressure will be high, it will cause the pipe to burst because of extreme pressure and force.  It’s always better to be awake earlier to prevent future issues and unnecessary plumbing expenses. If you notice any leaks or unusual whistling sound of water in the home, consult the expert Leak Detection Melbourne service.

Leak detection Melbourne

Here are the main causes of burst pipes that +need to be considered to prevent plumbing issues:


Freezing is one of the causes of burst water pipes; it is most likely to happen in colder seasons. The water inside pipes gets freeze and hence it leads to the water pressure inside the pipe and causes burst pipes. Freezing can be prevented by putting faucets on a drip to keep the water moving and hence it will prevent pipe bursting.

2.Growing of tree roots:

Tree root encroachment is the other common cause of pipe bursting because as tree roots grow larger, it extends up to the underground water pipes. Tree roots apply pressure on the water pipes by growing and can cause pipe burst.


It’s obvious that metal pipes are likely to be rusted over time. The water pipes are usually made up of steel and likely to be corroded after certain years.  The rusted pipe becomes weak and can be easily broken and busted.  It can be repaired by replacing it with copper or plastic pipes.


Soil shifting may occur due to ongoing construction areas nearby; this can cause the soil and debris to deposit inside the pipe. It can be prevented by regularly cleaning the pipe inside the area.

5.High water pressure:

Have moderate water pressure in the home to prevent pipe busting. Usually, optimal water pressure is 40 to 50 psi.


Clogging of water pipes can cause water pressure because clogging will restrict the smooth water flow and result in burst pipes.

Endnote:  Above are the most common reason why burst pipes occur. Keep the above factors in mind and give accurate attention if you notice any signs of these. Burst pipes and leakage can also occur by some environmental or physical changes. Before anything turns tragic, it always gives the sign, in the same way, burst pipe also gives signs like whistling sound of water, continuous leakage, discoloration of water in the tap, or soil particles. Get your taps, sinks, shower base and other accessories checked regularly by the reputed Water Leak Detection Melbourne Company if you feel something is wrong with your plumbing system.