hallway table decor hacks

Hallway tables are a great way to keep the space of your hallway organized and clutter-free. They can also be used to store things like magazines, mail, keys, and other items that would otherwise end up on the floor or table in your living room. In this article, we will share 5 clever ways to use hallway tables optimally:

5 Tips To Make The Best Use Of Hallway Tables

As a wine bar

If you’ve ever wanted to create a wine bar, this is an excellent solution. Best and affordable Hallway tables are perfect for displaying bottles of wine in a way that’s both eye-catching and easy to access. They also make great storage units for your favorite vintages, giving you space to keep them out of direct sunlight while still keeping them on display. And if guests are over and they’re looking for something to drink? You’ll be able to serve them right from the table without having to get up!

As a bookshelf

  • Use a narrow hallway table as a bookshelf. If you have a small space or just want to save some space, consider putting your books on the wall instead of stacking them on the floor. The great thing about using a hallway table as a bookshelf is that you can use it to display your favorite items and get them off the ground at the same time!
  • Make sure your bookcase is narrow enough to fit in the hallway. If possible, try to find one that’s less than 3 feet wide (so it can slide easily through doorways). This way, it won’t take up too much space visually—and will also be easier if they’re trying to walk by while carrying something heavy!

With hidden storage

hallway table decor hacks

  • Use a hidden storage space to keep things out of sight: If you have a lot of items that you don’t want on display or are trying to conceal, consider getting a console table with a pull-out drawer. The drawer can be used for storing umbrellas, shoes, remote controls, and other clutter that would otherwise be cluttering your hallway.
  • Use a hidden storage space to keep things organized: A console table with numerous drawers makes it easy to stay organized by providing spaces for different items throughout the house: pens and pencils in one drawer; keys and wallets in another; paperclips, rubber bands, and scissors in yet another.
  • Use a hidden storage space to keep things handy: Adding extra compartments inside your hallways tables allows for the convenient placement of frequently used items like keys or remotes right next door before heading outside, so they’re always right at hand when needed most!
  • Use a hidden storage space to keep things safe while still looking stylish: When choosing furniture pieces made from solid wood (such as oak), select natural finishes such as light cherry hues, which add warmth while still allowing sunlight through windows nearby without compromising privacy too much.”

As a TV console

A hallway table is an ideal place to store your TV. It can also be used for storing the TV remote and cable box. Additionally, you can store DVDs on a hallway table. Hallway tables are great for keeping these items out of sight and organized but close at hand when needed.

As a stylish accent piece

A hallway table is a great option if you have a small space to fill, but it can also serve other purposes. You can use it to display decorative items or even as a place to store keys, mail and more.


Hallway tables are a great way to add value to your home. They can be used in so many ways and provide you with a versatile piece of furniture that can be moved around easily. I hope these ideas have sparked some creativity for how you might use your own hallway table!