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How to know your coffee beans are fresh? How to know that you have bought the Best Coffee Beans? If you don’t know the answer, we have one for you.

Following are the easiest ways by using which you can easily find out the freshness of your coffee beans.

So read ahead and implement at least one of the following methods.

The time when your coffee was roasted

Some coffee roasting companies provide roasting date and time on their bags. You can see roast dates lasting from 2 weeks to a month ago. Other coffee brands might not list the date of manufacturing or roasting on the package and let their customers get fooled.

If you need the best coffee beans and the freshest taste in every brew, make sure that the roasted coffee date is closest to your purchasing date. The best coffee beans are those that are 7 to 10 days roasted from the date you buy them.

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See the bloom

The best way to find if your coffee beans are fresh or not is the bloom. Bloom is nothing but the bubbles that form on the top of your ground when you brew the coffee beans. Whether you are using the pour-over or Chemex method for your coffee, bloom tells you the freshness of the coffee. You might see foam in your coffee as you pour water into it. More bloom means fresh coffee. So after buying Coffee Beans Online and receiving it, see if your coffee has fewer bubbles or no bubbles, it might not be fresh.

Having pale and thick foaming bloom means your coffee is fresh and tasty.

The organic materials in your coffee release co2 or carbon dioxide when you start brewing it. The beans release co2 for at least 14 days from their roasting date. So when you grind them and heat them with hot water, the degas process becomes faster.

So when you add hot water to your ground coffee, it means the beans are fresh. You can also add some hot water before brewing the coffee to allow the ground to release the flavour properly.

What is your roast type?

Some people think that their coffee beans are not fresh because they are dry and oily.

The truth is that dry or oily beans have nothing to do with the freshness of the beans. The dryness or oiliness depends on how darkly the coffee beans were roasted. It doesn’t define the time of their roasting. So whether you have dry or oily beans, they can be fresh.

It just a matter of the type of roasting process. So if you need fresh coffee beans, look for the above two signs. The oiliness and dryness don’t define the time of your coffee being roasted. Instead, find out more about roast types so that you can gather the right knowledge and buy fresh coffee beans.

 That’s how to find out the freshness of your coffee beans.

So use the above tips while trying to buy the Best Coffee Beans online and never regret it.

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