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Dental implants have an undeserved reputation as being complicated and expensive, but the truth is their safe, simple, and affordable ways to replace missing teeth. Surrounding dental implants, however, are plenty of myths that do nothing but confuse potential patients, preventing them from obtaining their own implant-supported dentures. In order to dispel these myths, here are answers to some of the most common questions surrounding dental implants.

Debunking the Record Straight on Common Myths:

Myth 1 – Anyone Can Get an Implant

It’s a common misconception that any patient can get dental implants. While certain medical conditions may not interfere with an implant procedure, patients with poor oral health and other complications will struggle to heal from dental implant surgery. As a result, more complex procedures are required to address dental issues as well as a patient’s general state of health. With regular at-home maintenance, these medications can ensure your teeth stay strong and healthy while undergoing implantation.

Myth 2 – Implant Dentistry Is Too Complicated

It is true that dental implants are a more involved process than traditional dentures. The restoration takes time to put in place, requires special dental tools and skills to achieve, and will require regular follow-up visits for at least a year after placement. Some of these processes can take some getting used to. However, choosing one of the best Dental Labs Sydney-wide offers a dedicated approach by way of personalized medical procedures and enhanced patient care that has been developed over decades of servicing patients from all walks of life.

Dental Labs Sydney

Myth 3 – Implant Treatment Costs Too Much

Dental implants are expensive because of how advanced and intricate they are. However, when factoring in your natural teeth as a long-term investment (think years of service), dental implants actually save you money.   For example, consider two patients who both need a single crown for their front tooth. The first patient gets it done with dental crowns; while his implant costs $1,500 per tooth, he’ll only pay $1,200 for his dental crowns—forgoing an additional $300. In contrast, patient number two gets an implant instead of dental crowns; while his implant costs $3,000 per tooth and requires at least one more surgery to place it properly under his gums ($2,000 total), he’ll only pay $1,200 for his dental crowns—saving him an additional $800 over patient number one.

Myth 4 – Implants Don’t Look Natural

If you’ve ever been at the best dental labs Sydney-wide, you probably have some idea of what to expect when it comes to dental work. Dentists fill cavities and perform tooth extractions and other procedures that don’t necessarily involve anything more than ice packs and Novocain. When it comes to getting an implant, there is no numbing at all involved; once in place, they function just like your natural teeth. While most people don’t associate implants with painlessness—and rightfully so—rest assured that you won’t be experiencing any discomfort while receiving treatment for your new smile!

Myth 5 – The Procedure Is Painful

This is probably one of the most common myths surrounding dental implants. This is something that patients might be worried about, which makes sense. However, what most people don’t know is that once a tooth implant has been placed, you won’t feel any pain during or after it has been placed in your mouth. In fact, there are many patients who never experience any type of pain when getting their dental implants placed in their mouths at all. Whether or not you experience pain will depend on where exactly in your mouth you place your dental implant and whether or not you have healthy gums as well as other factors to consider as well.