barber equipment

It’s important to have the right tools for your barber shop. The following list will help you make sure you have top barber supplies you need to start cutting hair out of the box!

List of Needs for Barbers

To ensure that you are equipped to handle all of your clients’ needs, here is a list of the tools you may want to consider purchasing.

  • Scissors: A pair of sharp scissors will allow you to cut hair close at the scalp and around the ears. They should be 6-8 inches long (15-20cm).
  • Combs: Combs are crucial for styling and managing hair during cuts, as they help tame any bulk or unruly strands. Choose ones with rounded teeth so they don’t snag or pull on the hair too much when combing through it. 

You can also buy combs with thick handles if arthritis is an issue for you; these make holding them easier because there’s more surface area for grip than in smaller models without handles, which tend not to have enough space between each tooth so fingers slip off easily when using them over time. If your clients experience pain from having their scalps touched then consider getting a finger guard instead! We recommend using one made from stainless steel such as this option from. It’s lightweight yet durable so even someone who suffers from hand tremors won’t have trouble holding onto theirs while working out at home.

What Kinds Of Equipment Does A New Barber Need?

A good barber will use many kinds of equipment to perform the job.

You’ll need a cutthroat razor for shaving, hair clippers for cutting, scissors for trimming and shaping, combs and brushes to style your clientele’s hair, blades for shaving cream or soap (if you prefer a shave over an electric), as well as disposable razor blades so you can keep everything clean every time.

Complete Checklist for Barber’s Tools

The basics are:

  • Clippers. These are a must-have for any barber shop. You’ll use them for cutting hair, trimming necklines and sideburns, etc. And yes, the clippers have to be sharp!
  • Straight razors or electric shavers. You don’t need both of these at the same time, but it depends on your preference as well as how much money you’re willing to spend on equipment that gets used infrequently (think holiday season). 
  • Straight razors will give you a better shave in terms of quality, but they require more skill and finesse when using them—so if this is your first time cutting someone’s hair or shaving their face with one blade instead of two (like with an electric shaver), then maybe try out an electric first before investing in something else like a strop or even another straight razor blade set.
  • Scissors/Shears: This should be obvious since scissors basically go hand-in-hand with clippers when it comes down to haircutting services offered at any barbershop around these parts – but just remember not all scissor sets are created equal so make sure yours has decent blades before buying anything off Amazon…or anywhere else online really because they could break easily if made cheaply enough.”


The barber supplies of the trade have changed over time, but they all serve one purpose: to help you cut hair. There are a lot of options out there and it can be difficult to choose what tools will work best for you and your clients. We hope that by providing this list, we’ve helped make things easier on you!