Escape Room Melbourne

Escape game has been on top trend when it comes to choosing the most interesting game on an online platform. To enjoy the game to the fullest, it’s important to avoid the Escape Room Game Melbourne mistakes. Even an experienced player can make mistakes, it’s all about having a good presence of mind!

  • Ignoring clues

We often see people parked in front of the keys and trying random codes in the room for hours. You don’t have to guess the theme words or combinations to open the lock-look for clues instead! When you find these locks, remember or write them down at a safe place, the combination you need, and remember them whenever you think you’ve solved the puzzle. 

  • Out Of Stock 

Groups often get stuck when they find a combination of locks that they have previously found but forgotten. A similar problem occurs when the group finds an object that needs the second piece of the puzzle. These problems can be avoided by taking inventory. A common method is to create two stacks in a room. One is a stack of unused items and the other is a stack of used items. Such a system is useful when you get stuck. Instead of walking around the room and remembering what you did, you can walk through mountains of convenience. 

  • Avoiding Taking Help From Others

The big ego is a big reason why people don’t run away. If you spend more than 10 minutes without a clue to the puzzle, you may need some help to make sure you don’t miss it. But as you may feel, asking for help is not shameful-it’s much better to run away for clues than to run away without asking for clues. It`s okay to admit you need help and ask for advice. 

  • Overcomplicating The Game

The simplest solutions are often the best. In case of a complicated situation, there will be a number of clues in the room that can guide you along the way of the game. If you`ve discovered any series of numbers, then you can translate that into any letter code, try using them on a number lock. You won`t need to do complicated things like find page numbers in books if there`s no clue telling you to do that. If you don’t find any clues, just think basic without complicating the game. 

  • Poor Communication

This is the biggest mistake a team can make. If you find something, tell everyone what you found and where you found it! Don’t just put the item back where you found it. Otherwise, others will not know that the item has been found. Also, don’t forget to solve the puzzles! Even if you’re afraid to look wrong or stupid, your thoughts can help one of your teammates break through and solve puzzles. Please note that communication also includes listening! There is no such thing in the escape room, so I think the idea is wrong or overkill, so don’t ignore the idea!

Hope you found the blog informative to enjoy your Escape Room Game Melbourne on the special occasion.