Australian Made Sofas

Are Australian Made Sofas better quality than imported? This question was recently posed to me, and I found myself scrambling to find an answer. It turns out that there isn’t much research on the subject, but I was able to find some interesting information nonetheless. Read on to find out more about Aussie sofas and their foreign competition.


Australians have a great reputation for making quality furniture. They are known for creating comfortable, stylish, long-lasting products. There is a lot of pride in these products. The Aussie construction of sofas is sturdy and designed to last through many years of use. The fabrics used to make Australian sofas are also durable—they’re often hardwearing, stain resistant, fade resistant, or waterproof. These factors combine to ensure that Australian-made sofas can withstand being used by many different people over a long period without falling apart as imported versions can sometimes do.

Australian Made Sofas


Warranties are a good sign of a company’s confidence in its products. Many local Australian businesses offer big warranties because they know people prefer to buy from a company with an established reputation.  So if you’re looking for quality, it’s worth checking out what kind of warranty comes with your lounge. What does limited mean, anyway? There can be a huge difference between these kinds of warranties, so make sure you read them carefully before making your purchase.


You can be sure that an Australian Made sofas or lounge is constructed to better quality standards than cheaper imported sofas. It’s not a question of if, but when; you will have to replace your sofa at some point, either for wear and tear or because you simply want a change in style. Importing a new one will cost you quite a bit more, however. A cheap sofa from overseas may look like a bargain now, but it won’t hold up as well over time as an Aussie-made version, which means you could pay even more down the track. And remember: no matter how long it lasts, cheap furniture isn’t worth it! So don’t skimp on quality – get yourself a good-quality piece from day one.


Modern-style sofas in Australia are available in hundreds of different colours. From funky bright colour options to more natural, earthy tones, you can choose from a range of fabrics that match any type of decor, including suede leathers or 100% silk or velvet. Australian-made sofas are also available in different coverings. Traditionally they have been fully upholstered with fabric, but as style trends have changed over time, more modern styles are becoming popular for their mix of both fabric and synthetic fibre options. This ensures that no matter your lifestyle or home decorating style, you can find an Aussie-made sofa to suit your needs!

Ouch!!! What are your thoughts on that? We all want to support Australian-made products, of course. It helps to employ Australians, build a manufacturing base, keep money in the country, and so on. But are Australian-made sofas of higher quality than imported? They are a great choice for those looking for quality and comfort and also high-quality that will last you for years and provide plenty of comforts.