Cape York is a world away from tours of cape york holiday destinations like Cairns and Port Douglas. Some travellers find it tough to get to and get around, but Cape York boasts some incredible natural sights. This article discusses nine things you can do in Cape York to make your experience as amazing as possible.

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1 . Be a Nature-Lover. Cape York is home to many incredible things. There is something for everyone, from magnificent lakes and mountains with waterfalls to dramatic outcrops of rock. The World Heritage Listed Livingstone National Park has a rich collection of flora and fauna, and the majestic Mulligan’s Range is home to Australia’s tallest waterfall. If you are on holiday in Cape York, make sure that you visit these places. You will not regret it.

2 . Visit a Tropical Island. There are many amazing things that you can do on Cape York, but nothing compares to the beauty of the tropical island. When planning a trip to Cape York, make sure that you spend some time on one of the islands. The beaches are incredible, and you will be hit with an incredible sense of relaxation as soon as you arrive. It is an incredibly special place and does not need much help from tourists to preserve it for future generations.

3 . Enjoy One of Queensland’s Most Popular Beaches. There are many beautiful beaches on Cape York, but the one that will leave you speechless is the Dreaming Beach. The sand and the water are so clear that you can see the bottom of the ocean floor. As you walk along this beach, make sure that you look at the amazing coral formations that stretch out into the sea. You will not be disappointed by this beach in the slightest!

4 . Take a Hike through Tropical Rainforest. The rainforest on Cape York is stunning. The area has quite a few waterfalls and rivers that run through it, but the most impressive part of the rainforest is that it goes right up to the top of Mount Gambier. You can make your way through this forest by first going down to the beach, then following a trail along its edge until you reach the mountain.

5 . Discover Australia’s Most Beautiful National Park. The Kakadu National Park on Cape York is one of Australia’s most beautiful national parks. It spans over 200,000 square miles and is home to an abundance of flora and fauna. Many beautiful beaches are on or near the park, including World Heritage-listed Litchfield National Park and York Peninsula National Park. While you’re taking in the views from one of the beaches, make sure you take the time to visit several different waterfalls.

6 . Explore a Great Barrier Reef Dive Site. The Great Barrier Reef is an enormous watery ecosystem that stretches across 1,800 miles of Australia’s north. It comprises over 1,900 individual reefs and lies along the coast of Queensland, which is the northernmost state in Australia. There are many different dives that you can go on at the Great Barrier Reef, and all of them are pretty amazing. If you’re interested in learning how to dive on a reef, I recommend taking one of the National Geographic guided tours.

7 . Rock-climbing at Cape York. There are a large number of activities to do in Cape York. Rock climbing is one of the best activities. It is not only fun but also challenging. You need experience and skills to properly climb the rock face. If you’re on tours of cape york, rock climbing is the best place to view the sunset from a mountain, and you will have an exhilarating experience at Cape York’s Mount Hopelessly Difficult.

8 . Ayers Rock. The most popular attraction in the region is Ayers Rock. It’s a volcanic rock formation that serves as a national park and has been named one of the world’s natural wonders. You can hike up to it, but you need to be careful on the way down because it’s quite steep. Another great activity is sandboarding at Gregory National Park.

9 . Fishing adventures in Cape York. One of the world’s most remote places, Cape York is home to unique animals and abundant wildlife. Home to expansive tropical forests and crystal-clear rivers, it is one of the best places in Australia to experience a fishing adventure. Many different types of fish make their homes in these waters, including bream, red emperor, and trevally.


This blog post concludes that Cape York is a wonderful place to explore when you’re on tours of cape york. I recommend going in the wet season as it can be humid, but the waterfalls are stunning and worth the trip.