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Custom Home are the best way to potray your style and live a lifestyle that you want. But what about your coming generations who’ve different perceptions, thinking and choice? Don’t be afraid, the solution is here – Find the best custom home builders Melbourne who know to build multigenerational home for you.

Multignerational reniovation is the answer of all your needs. To start with, we’ve mentioned  the definition and certain factors to consider while custom multigenerational home.

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A brief introduction to Multi-generational Home

A home which is accepted and cherished by more than one generation is said to be mUltigenrational home. These homes are designed to satisfy the current set of adults and coming generation as well. The space, furniture, interiors are seen from the perspective of all the ages. 

Things to consider while designing a Multi-Generational Home!

The first thing you should take in mind to choose the best custom home builders in Melbourne that fulfils the need according to imagination of you and your family. Secondly, check out these below 5 points while thinking about creating a best custom home.

  • Define your Floor plan

Zone out the space by considering the thoughts and style of all the members of the house. Decide where should be the rampus room for kids, where should be your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Get a crystal clear idea where you’re seeing these rooms before going to a builder. 

  • Open space for flexibility

After you’re stick on your floor plan, move to the space versatility. For an instanace, create a rest corner for aged persons in way that it can be turned as home office. 

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A multi-storey design will offer the separation needed to maintain a comfortable multigenerational household, however, access is a key consideration if your household includes older relatives. It’s important to think long term, while older family members may not have trouble with stairs now, they may in future. If you really want to go multi-storey, ensure there’s a ground-level bedroom and ensuite away from the noise of the main kitchen and living zone.

Flexible spaces – While your floorplan will be set in stone, the purpose for each room can be easily changed so it’s important to design with dual purpose in mind. Perhaps a guest bedroom could be repurposed as a home office down the track so keep future uses flexible by carefully planning internal framing and utilities.

Thinking of Building a Home for Extended Family?

One in five Australians currently live in multi-generational households, and that figure is expected to climb as more extended families will choose to live together for a variety of different reasons. Building a multi-generational house from the ground up makes it easier to factor in everyone’s privacy, space and independence into the design and can be a far more cost-effective alternative to undertaking difficult and expensive modifications to an established home.